Taxi episode poor PR for our county

Hereford Times:

12:00pm Thursday 30th October 2014

THE gardening clubs of Eaton Bishop and Michaelchurch Escley hosted a visit by Bob Flowerdew, well-known author of organic gardening books and regular panellist of Radio 4’s Gardeners’ Question Time.

Be patient as we work towards winding-up petition

Hereford Times:

9:07am Thursday 30th October 2014

MY thanks to the many real Hereford United fans and taxpayers who sent messages in support of recent action by the council.

Revamp time for our constitution

Hereford Times:

3:00pm Wednesday 29th October 2014

IN spite of disappointment on the part of those campaigning for a 'Yes' vote in Scotland, some positive gains have been made.

RAF bomber with county link?

Hereford Times:

11:00am Wednesday 29th October 2014

I AM the secretary of the North Marston History Club near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and we are erecting a memorial in the village church to six airmen who died when their Wellington bomber (from RAF Westcott) crashed in the village on January 4, 1945.

Tribute to Yeomans buses and drivers

Hereford Times:

4:00pm Tuesday 28th October 2014

I LIVE in the village of Eardisley. I read with much interest the letter from P Johnstone of Staunton-on-Wye (Hereford Times, October 16) regarding the 446 Hereford-Almeley bus service.

Trow safe in winter berth - but it's coming back to Hereford

Hereford Times:

6:00am Tuesday 28th October 2014

MAY I reassure readers who might have believed Steve Lloyd's suggestion (Let's try to open doors, Letters October 16) the council is "using the trow as a short-term PR tool".

Sour taste over church collections

Hereford Times:

11:00am Monday 27th October 2014

I KNOW that this is a controversial subject, but I wonder if other readers have encountered problems regarding funeral collections in church.

Be vigilant on county’s most dangerous road

Hereford Times:

6:00am Monday 27th October 2014

AFTER reading the Hereford Times reporting another accident on the A4110 Canon Pyon Road, I feel the need to highlight the dangers of what I feel is one of the most dangerous roads in the county.

Time is short to fight chicken shed plan

Hereford Times:

10:00am Sunday 26th October 2014

CAN anyone explain to me why, when I live 260 metres from a proposed new chicken farm rearing up to 200,000 chickens a year and having found out about it this week, I have only until November 6 to lodge any opposition?

Benefits cut for my disabled son

Hereford Times:

6:00am Sunday 26th October 2014

HAVING a disabled son in receipt of benefits under Herefordshire Social Services to fund his support, food and lifestyle activities, I wish to record that he has just been reassessed by a council worker and more money taken from him by the council so that he cannot afford any lifestyle activities which are essential to his health and wellbeing.

Keep up good work at radiotherapy unit

Hereford Times:

3:00pm Saturday 25th October 2014

I WISH to thank the staff and drivers who work at the radiotherapy unit at Hereford County Hospital.

Confidence in managers to save trust

Hereford Times:

6:00am Saturday 25th October 2014

‘HOSPITAL trust faces battle for survival’ – a headline to sell papers or a probable outcome?

Chicken sheds: So much for democracy

Hereford Times:

6:00am Saturday 25th October 2014

I SAT in the planning meeting at County Hall, Llandrindod, and watched with shock and disbelief as the planners listened to a catalogue of well-researched objections to the proposed building of chicken sheds on Broadheath Farm, Presteigne, and then meekly followed the recommendations of the planning officer and chairman to give it the green light.

Help us overturn changes to Hereford remembrance parade

Hereford Times:

6:00pm Friday 24th October 2014

THIS year it has been decided to change the procedure for the Hereford remembrance parade.

Good staff just being overwhelmed

Hereford Times:

5:00pm Friday 24th October 2014

MAYBE now help will be received to set the County Hospital on track and most importantly protect the patients. Unfortunately none of these measures can put right the errors that were made when the hospital was built in the wrong place with too few beds.

Realistic number of beds needed at hospital

Hereford Times:

4:20pm Friday 24th October 2014

MUCH of the explanation as to why Hereford County Hospital now finds itself in ‘special measures’ after the recent CQC inspection lies in the inadequate number of beds provided by the new hospital.

Health trust special measures: Staff will be foundation as we rise to challenge

Hereford Times:

4:04pm Friday 24th October 2014

LAST week’s announcement that Wye Valley NHS Trust has gone into special measures following a Care Quality Commission inspection took many people by surprise.

I can’t fault the County Hospital

Hereford Times:

4:23pm Friday 24th October 2014

I HAVE had more than my fair share of treatments at the County Hospital in the last four years. Personally, I can’t fault it.

Yes, I am a Nimby - and proud of it!

Hereford Times:

12:00pm Sunday 19th October 2014

AM I a Nimby? Of course I am. Who wouldn’t be in the county of Hereford- shire which has such a stunning landscape?

Come on employers - be fair with job seekers

Hereford Times:

6:00am Sunday 19th October 2014

MY daughter finished college in July 2013 after completing her hairdressing NVQ level 1 and 2 in 12 months. She obviously has a talent.

Great care at County Hospital

Hereford Times:

12:00pm Saturday 18th October 2014

I INJURED my hand and had to attend the A&E department at the County Hospital, Hereford, and was attended to within half a hour.

It’s time to be united over United

Hereford Times:

6:00am Saturday 18th October 2014

WHAT exactly do Hereford United protesters, who attended the Kidderminster Harriers home match on October 8, hope to achieve? We need them back at the Meadow End supporting the team they said they would never abandon.

Call for a parish poll over Leominster supermarket plans

Hereford Times:

12:00pm Friday 17th October 2014

AMBER2000 calls for a referendum of Leominster residents on the supermarket applications (Online Comment, October 2) but this is in Amber2000’s own hands.

Ignore threatening letters on parking fines - or appeal

Hereford Times:

7:00am Friday 17th October 2014

I READ your reader’s letter with interest and sympathy (Car parking ticket misery, Letters, October 9). However, I can offer them some advice from personal experience as I also received one of these ‘tickets’ from Parking Eye at Morrisons.

Saddened by desecration of Jewish graves

Hereford Times:

11:00am Thursday 16th October 2014

MY wife and I are shocked and saddened by the desecration of Jewish graves in Hereford cemetery (Hereford Times, October 8).

Let's try to be a county that opens doors

Hereford Times:

6:00am Thursday 16th October 2014

WHILE waiting in traffic on the Greyfriars bridge in Hereford I noticed that the Wye Trow has been plucked from the River Wye, just a few weeks after it was put in its rightful place on the river.

Give priority to A-roads for repairs

Hereford Times:

7:00am Wednesday 15th October 2014

IT beggars belief that Hereford-shire Council and Balfour Beatty are set to start repair work on a number of roads that are only classified as U and C, when there are so many main roads in a dreadful state.

Blind man stranded as bus fails to stop

Hereford Times:

11:01am Tuesday 14th October 2014

I LIVE in Staunton-on-Wye where we only get three buses a day into Hereford. The first is too early for seniors, so the majority take the second bus.

A listening ear to help those who are grieving

Hereford Times:

7:00am Sunday 12th October 2014

WE were interested to hear of the new charity being launched by Mr and Mrs Watts in response to their daughter Sophie’s death at such a young age. (Memories of caring star Sophie live on, Hereford Times, September 4).

Power is in your hands - so use it

Hereford Times:

7:00am Saturday 11th October 2014

I HAVE said many times publicly, and also in the Hereford Times readers' column, that the real power lies with the people, and this was strongly emphasised when all three leaders of the national parties assembled in Scotland on one decisive day of recognition, pleading to the voter, to save the union recently.

Wish-list of measures to free up our roads

Hereford Times:

4:00pm Friday 10th October 2014

THE roads to Hereford city and those in and around the colleges are not fit for purpose. Some radical measures are needed to free them up and here are some: l Tax incentives and local prizes for car sharing.

Action for positive momentum needed. Any ideas?

Hereford Times:

3:00pm Friday 10th October 2014

ROBERT Turner complains his MP did not vote on the 'bedroom tax' (Tax change, Letters, September 25). I am grateful for the work Jesse Norman does and his stand on the military action in Iraq.

Presiding over library shambles

Hereford Times:

11:00am Friday 10th October 2014

YOUR Opinion column in the October 2 issue of the Hereford Times must have raised a few eyebrows besides mine; so local libraries "have been a quiet success story!"

Incinerator comes with handcuffs for Herefordshire

Hereford Times: COUNCIL VOTE: An artist’s impression of the controversial £120m Hartlebury incinerator.

6:00am Friday 10th October 2014

FOLLOWING the article “Herefordshire Council – cabinet did not get the detail of £90m incinerator plan” (, September 24), I would like to inform readers that Worcestershire County Council have already stated that the projected total costs of waste disposal including the incinerator will top £1.6 billion.

Car parking ticket misery

Hereford Times:

5:00pm Thursday 9th October 2014

MY wife and I went to Morrisons in Hereford on a Sunday in September.

Find a way to end gridlock

Hereford Times: Road works in Hereford cause traffic chaos across the city.
091605-1 (7311051)

4:00pm Thursday 9th October 2014

I AM a same-day courier delivering items from Bristol to Hereford twice a day, five days a week.

Wrecking our historic city

Hereford Times:

3:00pm Thursday 9th October 2014

SIXTEEN empty shops in High Town. Some of these have moved over to ‘you know where’. Widemarsh Street and High Town messed with bird droppings and litter, often a most unattractive sight.

Time to get off your bike

Hereford Times:

2:00pm Thursday 9th October 2014

A PEDESTRIAN complains of being buffeted by passing cyclists in pedestrianised areas, and threatens to post a record of offenders online (Menace on pavements, Letters, September 25).

Bus changes downgrade High Town

Hereford Times:

11:00am Thursday 9th October 2014

HAVING seen the new routes for local buses, I am surprised by the odd way the council encourages people to visit Hereford city centre, which I assume is still High Town, containing as it does three banks, the Butter Market, a major shop (M&S) and a useful street leading to the cathedral.

Call to cut speed limit near school

Hereford Times:

8:00am Thursday 9th October 2014

I WRITE on behalf of Brockhampton Group Parish Council, who wonder if there is anywhere else in the county that has such a ludicrous speed limit that the lives of children are being endangered?

Just trying to keep up with real cost of living

Hereford Times:

6:00am Thursday 9th October 2014

I WRITE in response to your front page article in which farmers said Herefordshire people are lazy and won’t do farm field work and prefer to be on the dole (Worker shortage is farming timebomb, September 25).

'No' to phoenix club

Hereford Times:

3:00pm Wednesday 8th October 2014

OK, Hereford United Supporters Trust have made their point. Mr Agombar is no longer owner/director of theclub.

Rail link to ease traffic

Hereford Times:

3:00pm Wednesday 8th October 2014

AFTER studying Hereford traffic and hearing about the Bulmer commercial rail idea a few years ago, I am appealing to any interested parties to revive the old railway line at the back of Bulmers, which goes to the mainline.

Celebrating good things at school

Hereford Times:

12:00pm Wednesday 8th October 2014

RECENTLY I attended the annual celebration night at Aylestone Business and Enterprise College. It was indeed just that, a celebration of good things and great achievements.

Hay Ho! bus is on the road - please use it

Hereford Times:

10:00am Wednesday 8th October 2014

SOME good news about buses! The 39A Sunday bus between Hereford and Brecon has been withdrawn following the decision by Herefordshire and Powys councils to terminate its subsidy, but a new Sunday 39A, called Hay Ho! starts running between Hereford and Hay on October 5, with three journeys in each direction.

City's sandpit fun fantastic for families

Hereford Times:

9:00am Wednesday 8th October 2014

IN these days of cutbacks and closures, can I say a big thank-you for the sandpit in Hereford’s High Town this summer?

Praise for caring home

Hereford Times:

7:00am Wednesday 8th October 2014

FOR the last seven years my mother was in Newstead Nursing Home in Venns Lane. Sadly she passed away a few weeks ago but I just had to write to tell the people of Hereford about the most wonderful care and love she received from all the staff there.

Stop pulling down United even further

Hereford Times:

7:00am Wednesday 8th October 2014

WHY are so-called Hereford United supporters still wishing to drag this once very proud football club even further to its knees?

Chance to get back to my roots in Weobley

Hereford Times:

6:00am Wednesday 8th October 2014

A PLANNING application was recently submitted to Herefordshire Council for change of use of two redundant staff flats adjoining The Red Lion Hotel in Weobley into two open market dwellings (a two-bedroom flat and a one one-bedroom flat).

Don’t blame the workers

Hereford Times:

6:00pm Tuesday 7th October 2014

Don’t blame the workers shortage is farming timebomb, Hereford Times, September 25). What a load of rubbish.

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