I read with interest Gavin McEwan’s piece on the masterplan for ‘greening’ Hereford. I suggest three substantive ways to help in this aim.

First, build a new railway station – and a large car park – south of Hereford, perhaps near Tram Inn, Allensmore.


This would be a huge benefit to everyone in the county living on the south side of Hereford, and if the car park charges were pitched low this could draw a lot of traffic out of the town centre.

Secondly, consider the establishment of a simple, inexpensive, lightweight tram shuttle from Rotherwas to Hereford station via Sainsbury’s, using the existing old railway track between those places.


Thirdly, push ahead with the proposed cycleway from Hereford to Hay-on-Wye, again using the track of the old disused railway line. Simple, cheap and effective – a great new prospect for locals, and a major boost for tourism in this fine county.



What are your thoughts?

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