WE were interested to read the letter from Nigel Payne regarding the water leak in Ledbury Road.

We saw it too and reported the matter to Welsh Water on November 25, and, when we had had no information from them as they promised, reported it again on November 28.

Since the leak came from a fire hydrant we felt it was important to also let the Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service know, and it decided to also contact Welsh Water.


Even then, Welsh Water’s website showed no evidence that there was an outstanding issue, so I decided to phone.

I spoke to a lady and expressed our dismay that no one had done anything about this leak which had, as we now know, been throwing precious water down the drain for over a month.

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What I find particularly surprising, and rather annoying, is that this leak cannot have gone unseen by people living in Ledbury Road within a few yards of it, but nobody felt it their duty to report it.



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