ARE you fed up of Herefordshire Council wasting your hard-earned money? Well, here’s another example: £189,000 spent on air fresheners.

Think of that huge amount of money and what it could be better used for. Three moss air fresheners!

I’m trying to get my head around the justification for such an extraordinary waste of public money.


To add to the mix, I drove along Station Approach to marvel at the central reservation planters (£560,000).

The trees planted are so small they have snapped off in the high winds. Stick with me, readers, and go and look at the planters throughout the city.

Why on earth didn’t they get planted with evergreens? Leaves have dropped and everything looks stark.


Lastly, I read what looks like a complete dereliction of duty and the simple arithmetic of maintenance of our much loved Town Hall and Shirehall.

Disgraceful that they are now deemed for the scrapheap and will cost at least £7 million to repair. I could scream, and I certainly will when my inflated council tax bill arrives.



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