• This kind Hereford stranger left me dumbstruck!

    I WAS in Aldi on June 13 and, having put all my shopping through the checkout, I was getting my card out pay when the lady on the till told me I didn’t need to. When I asked why, she told me the man behind me had already paid for it. I was

  • Who is really looking out for Herefordshire farmers?

    YOU ask if I will change the way I vote in the forthcoming election. Like many of my friends, I don’t know. I am waiting – with ever-decreasing patience – for one of the parties to include serious and significant consideration for the rural counties

  • Why weren't WE told about these Herefordshire plans?

    MAJA Storey’s letter of June 6 asking why a Bodenham resident is so opinionated about Corn Square does not reflect the feelings of all Leominster residents. She says the people of Leominster voted for the original plan for the square yet I, being

  • Big changes are coming to this Herefordshire building

    BIG changes are coming to a historic Herefordshire building. Number three Church Street in Leominster, which currently houses Montez Architecture, will be greatly remodelled in order to reflect and celebrate its half-millennia of history. Originally

  • Bid to solve mystery at stunning Herefordshire spot

    A LAST chance to get up close to excavations at a mysterious Herefordshire archaeological site will be on offer this summer, as archaeologists work to solve a mystery. For a final summer, members of the public will get the chance to get up close

  • Fishery on the market near popular Herefordshire pub

    AN OPPORTUNITY is available to purchase fishing rights near a popular Herefordshire pub. Fishing rights at the Carrots Fishery in Hampton Bishop, which is historically known for its salmon fishing, are currently for sale with Balfours. Located

  • Child ghosts in “most haunted UK school” in Herefordshire

    A SUPERNATURAL investigation team was dumbfounded by the wide-ranging paranormal activity they witnessed at a Herefordshire school. The school in question is the George Jarvis boarding school for children from poor and less fortunate families.

  • What do these Herefordshire people ACTUALLY stand for?

    AS someone who will be finding it difficult to support either of the two main parties in the election, I am keen to hear from the others. We have all received much literature from the Greens, usually delivered in haste without any chance of a conversation

  • These Herefordshire people make a huge difference

    THE recent Volunteer Week (June 3-9, 2024) highlighted the many benefits of volunteering, both for the volunteers themselves and those they support. When local families need a helping hand, Home-Start Herefordshire is there to support them. The