Ten outfield players, two subs, three match officials, three club officials and at least three quarters of a spectator packed into a single dugout.

All there to shelter from hail so bad the ref ordered both sides off the field until it passed.

Only our keeper remained resolutely between his posts - as he did throughout the game he kept us in.

A game that kicked off in sun so strong you shielded your eyes to see the ball.

We went 4-5-1 again and looked good for it before another "giveway" goal wasted another first half.

 And as the second half ebbed away the entire 90 minutes looked wasted too. 

Then what was sworn as an acutely angled shot threw the visiting keeper.

1-1 and just under 10 more minutes to force that elusive first win in nine games.

But what we deserved was too much to ask.

A point leaves us bottom, one away from our nearest relegation rivals, but with a better goal difference - minus 22 over minus 28.

Our third straight home game this Saturday brings Wem Town to Briarwood.

Wem have been knocked off the top by AFC Smethwick who smashed us 9-2 a fortnight ago - with eight of their goals coming in the first half.

Smethwick came up to league one with us a season ago. The difference in their game compared to ours is difficult to comprehend.

It's easy to point to a larger catchment area for players, but that catchment area has a number of clubs competing for those players.

Wem, on the other hand, have a broadly similar player-catchment ratio to us.

Wem surprisingly lost 2-3 at home to Shropshire rivals St Martin's last Saturday.

With Smethwick having a Saturday off a win for Wem could give them the lead back and inch them away from the hotly pursuing Mahal and Bilston.

Leominster, on the other hand, can't even be sure of an unlikely win getting them off the bottom.

It's October and we're already relying on the results of others.