It never showers but it pours.

You can judge a club by the way it treats its opposition off the field.

Leominster Town sending Wem back to north Shropshire on a Wednesday night without a shower wouldn't wash.

So a game that was going to be played last Saturday but got shifted to this Wednesday now won't be played at all.

Not that playing it last Saturday would have been possible.

 There will be no hot water at Leominster's Bridge Street sports centre for at least four weeks while the boiler system is replaced. A notice stuck to the shower wall in dressing room number one says so and apologises for "any inconvenience"

The inconvenience for Town being that the notice was the first they knew of the switch off, having found out the hard way after a friendly against Shobdon last Thursday.

 A combination of kettles and buckets, and even the nearby River Kenwater, were channelled as alternatives to keep the Wem game on.

By the weekend, though, it was obvious Wem had to go and, more than likely, Mahal on the 15th.

The same weekend saw Town fall into the bottom three without having kicked a competitive ball in two weeks. A surprise 4-3 win for Wolverhampton United over Penncroft (themselves 1-10 winners the previous week) pushing Town down.

No home games in nearly two months means the kicking is taken on income. Luckily, a host of player sponsors have come through to keep the cash flow (well, trickle) up.

Haughmond away this Saturday, a derby for Town given the relatively short run up to Shrewsbury.

Haughmond went down 2-1 to Hanwood in a Salopian shoot out last Saturday and slipped into 10th place.

A win for Town won't push them up much further than their present 16th place, but, with results so far showing the league wide open this season, it's a start.