PETE Wyles came out on top when members of the Hereford Flydressers Guild competed at Draycote Reservoir in their annual boat fishing competition for the Derrick Newman memorial cup.

There was a nice wave on the water and some cloud cover but after a couple of hours the wind dropped, which made the fishing a little more difficult.

Most of the fish were caught in the vicinity of the “boils” which are underwater aerators designed to increase the oxygen in the water. This acts like a magnet to the fish when the water temperature rises.

For most of the day, the boats were guided alongside the “boils” and the rainbow trout were picked off in the surface, using dry flies.

By far the most successful fly on the day was a floating daddy which had a lurid pink body. Other flies such as the cat’s whisker and buzzers also managed to catch a few fish.

Pete Wesson -finished second with Nigel Blanchard, third.

At the beginning of 2015 there will be a series of classes for beginners and improvers – for full details visit the club’s website at . Anyone is welcome to come along to the meetings. For further details contact John Symonds on 07831 202377.