SUPPORTER John Perkins jetted in from New York to join the fans who protested outside Edgar Street Hereford United’s new regime.

Perkins flew from the USA on Friday and hired a car to drive from London to join around 300 supporters who gathered near to the players’ entrance.

“I drove from Heathrow this morning because I really wanted to be part of the protest outside the ground,” said Perkins.

“I have been horrified as I have watched each development at the club.

“It was bad enough when the owners did not want their names revealed when they took over.

“Immediately, the alarm bells were ringing with every action

“What has happened since they took over has been a downhill trend and I don’t want to be part of what is going here at the moment.”

Perkins said he felt that Tommy Agombar should have paid football creditors to keep United in the Conference Premier.

“We should never be in the Southern League Premier Division – due to Agombar’s unwillingness to stump up cash we are now a level we have not been at for 40 years,” said Perkins.

“The whole thing is awful to see the club decline like this.

“It could have been avoided – we know that David Keyte could have sold to Hereford United Supporters Trust (HUST) or other people who were interested.

“I might go and see other clubs who have been supportive over the summer – like Chester and I might go to see Queen of the South or Carlisle where my parents live.

“I might come by Hereford for the odd beer or two but I won’t be at Hereford United for games.”

Mick Loader used to help out on matchdays at Hereford United and sell advertising boards around the stadium.

“II won’t come back and a lot of others won’t come with the current regime,” he said.

“When they are gone, I will reappear and do exactly what I have done over the past four years.”

Another supporter, John Hancock, joined the peaceful protest and carried a ‘We want our club back’ placard.

“I want show my complete and utter disgust at what has gone on over the past seven or eight weeks.

“I want to make a protest to the FA and Southern League for the way in which they have dealt with the problems at Hereford.

“I have been following Hereford United for 66 years and, my father for 40 years before me, and this is my club.

But Jonathan James was among the 568 spectators who watched the match.

The 16-year-old, said: “I am here for the football – and the stuff that was going on in the boardroom that was David Keyte.

“We have had a complete change this time and I want to stand by the club. I have been supporting Hereford for 10 years.”

And Tony Leighton said: “It’s the same as any other game – it’s the first game of a new season. We have had some bad times before. Let’s wait and see.”

He added: “It’s football on my door step – it doesn’t matter what league it is – it’s football.”

Malcolm Lane has had a season ticket at the club for the past 10 years.

Lane said: “I have come to support the team. It wasn’t a difficult decision at all. I am not on the side of the football club or on the side of the fans who want to protest outside.

“I want to come and watch the football.”

Lane added: “I hope the team will do well and people can politics to one side and let’s see some football played at Edgar Street because there hasn’t been much played for the last three years.

“I have been coming to Edgar Street since my father brought me in the early 1970s.

“I have no intention of getting a season ticket but that’s not for any particular reason.”