HEREFORD United Supporters Trust vice-chairman Martin Watson says he’s concerned about the happenings at Edgar Street.

United directors John Edwards and Elke Thuerlings said that majority shareholder Tommy Agombar had not passed the FA owners and directors test for football club ownership.

In a statement, Edwards said last Saturday’s introduction at Edgar Street was Agmobar’s “official introduction and his official goodbye”.

Watson told the Hereford Times: "The indication of the statement is that Tommy Agombar has failed the FA’s owners and directors’ test as many people suspected would happen.

“I'm quite concerned that this information has taken so long to come out.

“Tommy stood down as a director of the club nearly two months ago yet has been allowed to remain in control, and bizarrely appear in the technical area during the game on Saturday, for such a long time without any apparent action by the authorities.”

He added: "We asked the Insolvency Practitioner last week to confirm results of the owners and directors test of all the directors with queries remaining on current club directors Tommy Agombar Jnr and Philip Gambrill, both of whom are reported in the CVA document to be intending to step down."