CANON Frome could have ended up playing in the GB Liners Marches League this season had a vote in a meeting last season gone differently.

An Extraordinary General Meeting was held last season after the club had won Division Six of the Worcestershire County League to decide whether to move into the Marches League.

Andy Lloyd, club captain said: “We won the division last year by 42pts last year and because of the situation we’re in at the moment we’ve only got one side and we didn’t know whether to go into the Marches League.

In the Worcestershire League, the top five divisions are mirrored by a similar set up for the second Xls allowing for easier fixture logistics.

Lloyd said this meant the club had to drop down to division six after their second team was folded in 2012.

Canon Frome player Luke Cottrell added that there are certain advantages to playing in the Marches League but felt the standard is better in the Worcestershire League.

He said: “I think the consensus of opinion is that long term the Worcestershire League is a better standard of cricket.

“There was a vote and we agreed to continue in the Worcestershire League.”