HEREFORD United will not be going into liquidation, insists advisor Andy Lonsdale.

“Everyone expected the club to go into liquidation – that is not going to happen,” said Lonsdale.

“We have not killed it.

“We are not going to stay in the Southern Premier – we have got aspirations to get into the Conference.

“The reason we didn’t stay in the Conference Premier is because we were imposed with a bond of £350,000.

“What would the people of Hereford rather have a £350,000 bond sitting in the Conference’s account or the club sustainable.”

“We are getting blasphemed over the state of the club – we did not cause it.

“The football creditors who were owed money did not happen under our watch.”

“It’s not just money for football creditors, it’s money to stabilise the club going forward.”

He said the club was in a strong position on the footballing side.

“We have brought in 19 or 20 players and Neil Phelps, Mark Ellis and Jon Taylor have turned them into a team,” said Lonsdale.

“We have put them all in digs and we will keep them in full-time football.

“We have come to save the club and the Herefordians have tried to kill it.”

He added: “I have no decision-making powers here and it’s totally voluntary.”