SOME of Hereford United’s football creditors have been paid money – but others have not received their cash.

Hopes were raised yesterday afternoon that all football creditors would be paid in full when some former players Tweeted to say they had received money from the club.

But former United media officer Jamie Griffiths is still awaiting payments and youngster Jarrod Bowen has also not received his payments.

Former player Danny Pilkington claims he has been paid three-quarters of the money he is owed by the club.

Last night, former goalkeeper Rhys Evans said he had not received the money he was owed by the club.

And Griffiths fumed this morning: “According to the Southern League, Hereford United have paid my wages of £1,853 in an account which isn’t mine. I hope this isn’t correct.

"I have been on Hereford United's payroll since 2010 and never had issues of wrong account details. Why now?"

Bowen, who is now at Hull City, has Tweeted this morning: “When are all the wages meant to be paid by?”

On Thursday, United advisor Andy Lonsdale told the Hereford Times the Southern League would be satisfied if the club's football creditors were paid on Thursday, Friday or Monday as there was no official deadline set.

Hereford United have not released an official statement on the latest developments.

And The Southern League have not released a statement on the matter.

Hereford United are due to defend a winding-up petition in the Royal Courts of Justice on Monday and will be asking for an adjournment to present a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) proposal to pay creditors over three years.

A cash flow system is needed for any CVA proposal to be successful.

It is understood that United’s CVA proposal to creditors had initially needed all football creditors to be paid in full before Monday’s court hearing.

Hereford United still remain under a transfer emargo due to outstanding payments and their triallists are due to travel to face Droylsden FC in a friendly this afternoon.

United were accepted into the Southern League, after being expelled from the Conference about six weeks ago for non-payment of debts.

The club cannot play home matches in front of spectators because they do not currently satisfy the necessary requirements of the ground's safety certificate.

United are scheduled to host St Neots in their opening league match on August 9.