THREE of Hereford Sparks Gymnastics club members have returned with medals from the West Midlands Novice Competition.

At beginner level the club entered 21 girls in three age categories. In the 8 and 9 age group, Jessica Watts came second and won a silver medal. In the 10 to 12 year group Jessica’s sister Emily Watts won a gold medal for first position, and in the 13+ age group Esme Cross came first and won a gold medal.

The excellent results were a fine reward for the effort put in by the gymnasts who train up to four hours a week.

Sparks also saw 25 of their competitive gymnasts entered the regional grades 14, 13, and 12 at the North Solihull Sports Centre.

A further nine of the competition squad entered the regional grades 11, 10, and 9, and two of their highest level girls competed at National grade 8 at the GMAC centre in Birmingham.

Every gymnast that entered these competitions passed the level that they were entered into.

Grades Competition Squad

Back row from left. Saffron Churchill-Heavens, Bethany Maitland, Courtney Pockett, Olivia Morgan, Anja Scott, Megan Corrick, Katie Pinnell, Abigail Godsall, Harriet Jones, Milly Rocca, Emily Godsall, Emogene Mullis, and Isabelle Robson.

Middle Row from left, Lucy Meredith, Leah Lewis, Olivia Worth, Ella Gibbs, Jazmine O’Leary, Sydney Green, Maisie Reeks, Lucy Marriot, Lily Batstone, Jasmine Parry, Ella Rocca, Cerys Johnson, Harriet Sheppard and Page Wood.

Front row from left, Niamh Lyth, Liberty Jones, Morgan Jolly, Poppy Davis, Martha Eldred, Leoni Gallagher, Joley Price, Maisie Higgins and Libby Price.

At the front, Robyn Preissler and Mazen Munday.