HEREFORD United are advertising for new players on the internet.

The troubled club have posted an urgent appeal for players on a website called UK Football Finder.

The online message reads: "Southern Premier League side Hereford United is urgently looking for young pro and semi-pro players with desires to make it big in football.

"Please email your CV's to marked FAO Jon Taylor (1st Team Manager) Remember, you will HAVE to be able to play at Southern Premier League level.

"Open trials, training matches and pre-season games are currently underway - so don't delay get in touch!"

Former Hereford United skipper Luke Graham says he’s astonished his former club is allowed to register players – despite owing wages to ex-players and staff.

Graham says he feels sorry for everyone who has ‘put their heart and soul into the football club’ and believes the fans have been let down by the Southern League.

Former caretaker boss Pete Beadle said he was ‘lost for words’ and urged the football authorities to ‘get to grips’ with the crisis at Edgar Street.

The Football Conference imposed a transfer embargo on United after the club failed to pay money owed to HMRC.

Hereford United spokesman Joel Nathan said the club would be putting forward a Company Voluntary Arrangement proposal to creditors.

Graham, who now plays for Alfreton, said: “To allow a club to register players where there are a set of players and staff still owed money, sums up football."