HEREFORD Kickboxing Academy have returned with a clutch of five silver medals from the GTI martial arts competition in Cheltenham.

The team fought in both points stop and continuous disciplines with good results.

Dali Hopkins, Luke Richards and Ethan Butlin represented the younger age-group with Hopkins narrowly missing out on a medal against the overall winner of the category.

Richards fought a close fight, just missing out on a medal placement while Butlin collected a silver medal from a very tough category.

Adults were represented by Gemma Nicholson, Ellie Morris and Len Javelskil and all returned with silver medals.

Nicholson fought well to win silver in points stop, Javelskij fought very well in his first fight to win silver in points stop while Morris fought in both categories to win silver in both after very tough fights against a high standard of opponent at black belt level.