BROMYARD secretary Edd Oliver believes the state of the cricket in Herefordshire is looking good with two sides in the Birmingham League.

Oliver also works for Herefordshire Cricket Ltd which looks after cricket in the county and he believes having Brockhampton and Eastnor in the Birmingham league can only be positive.

He said: “The state of cricket in Herefordshire is pretty good.

“Having two clubs in the Birmingham league is good for Herefordshire cricket.

“It would great to have another one in the near future, maybe someone like Colwall”.

Two clubs have folded in recent years with Shobdon and Hay no longer putting out teams and Oliver believes having junior sides is good for the county.

He said: “The strong clubs are getting stronger and the some of the weaker clubs are going by the way side which is a shame.

“You’ve got to have a juniors side or you will die out eventually."

He also said that 10 years ago Bromyard we’re struggling to put out two teams but now due to the juniors being set up they have got four teams.