HEREFORD United non-executive director Bob Pritchard has branded the club's new owners 'unprofessional' and 'out of their depth' as he resigned his position.

And Pritchard's son Ian, the club's groundsman for the past three years through his company Mowtech, has also severed his links with the Bulls after the new owners failed to pay for works carried out during June as part of the agreed contract terms for the 2014/5 season.

Bob Pritchard served on the board for 18 months and was responsible for training ground leases, telecom leases, the ground maintenance programme, service contracts and many other day-to-day activities.

"I had many concerns about the take-over and I feel let down that I was not involved in any of the discussion with the new investors during the negotiations," he said. "Although I did make many comments to informal information that I received from David Keyte.

"Dave Preedy and I were against any sale to new investors that did not result in the new investor paying the £300k suggested by David Keyte and the board that was required to clear current creditors, which included players, staff, managers, youth team, community trust staff, local suppliers, groundsman and HMRC.

"Clearly that did not happen and we now have a situation where the new investors do not want to pay this amount."

Ian Pritchard said that he had received a payment from Tommy Agombar for cutting the club's training ground after threatening to lock the gate.

But after further promised payments failed to materialise, despite carrying out further work at Edgar Street and the training ground, he decided to withdraw.

"I decided enough was enough," he said. "I stopped doing anything and maybe should have done that during David Keyte's reign.

"But I was loyal to the club and the fans and kept going until the end of the season.

"I received my agreed weekly payments for the period July to November 2013 then the cash crisis came and I was paid lesser amounts, leaving me £18k outstanding.

"David Keyte promised me that I would get my money immediately when a new investor bought into the club.

"Fool me to believe this."

Bob Pritchard, meanwhile, said that he had continued to receive correspondence from contacts.

"I have copied these in to both Tommy Agombar and Andy Lonsdale without reply or response," he said. "The companies chasing me are the council on stadium insurance, licence to alter buildings, leases at Victoria Park, telecom operators, service companies and creditors.

"The new investors are clearly unprofessional with no class and out of their depth," he added. "How anyone would work for them is beyond me.

"However the ones that I feel sorry for are the young players who are looking for a contract in football. What's going on is none of their fault."

Joel Nathan, adviser to Tommy Agombar, said: "I have not met Bob Pritchard but I am aware that there are connections with the club's groundsman.

"It all seems to be inter-linked; people just seem to want to leave and not be sensible."