TWO members at React Trampoline Club, Hereford have managed to secure a place at the upcoming British Trampoline Championships at Exeter in the first weekend in June.

Bethany Randall and Holly Crawford will be competing for the region and going up against many other talented trampolinists for a chance to be Regional British Champion.

"This opportunity for both of them is a great milestone for the React Trampoline Club," said head coach and club owner Richard Crane. "And the hard work and dedication over the last year has paid off with this amazing opportunity for Beth and Holly.

"As a coach I am super proud of them and pleased that the React Trampoline Club can offer them the opportunity for such an amazing experience and adventure.

"We will be working hard over the next few weeks improving on their routines and getting all of the little things right to give both of them the best opportunity for the day."