PARALYMPIAN swimming duo Sascha and Nyree Kindred have triumphed in the Hereford Times’ annual sporting predictions chart.

The pair showed that two heads are better than one after they joined forces to correctly guess the outcome of three sporting events in 2012.

Sascha and Nyree were among 19 county personalities featured in the Hereford Times on December 29, 2011 and asked to predict the outcome of six national events.

The swimming duo successfully guessed that Spain would win the European Football Championship and Wales would lift the Six Nations rugby title.

Sascha and Nyree, who both won silver medals at London 2012, also predicted that Herefordshire athletes would take home four medals at the Paralympics.

They were the only people to give three correct answers - but seven scored with two predictions.

Eight people predicted one outcome, while Pete Sykes and Derek Williams will need new crystal balls after failing to register one on the scoreboard.

In 2011, Halo Leisure’s Holly Penwarden and then-Hereford United vice-chairman Tim Russon tied for first place having guessed the outcome of four sporting events.

Bodybuilder Dave Kitt used his muscle power to top the chart in 2010 and another bodybuilder, Lindsay Bruce, finished first in 2009.

2012 results: (three points awarded for each correct answer): 9 points - Sascha and Nyree Kindred; 6pts - Will Hodnett, Stuart Blake, Helen Bowden, Dan Connor, Chris Shurmer, Bob Hall, Andy Rogers; 3pts - Tom Bevan, Pamela Kellett, Nicola Goodwin, Jack Gray, Grenville Smith, Edd Oliver, Danny Moon, Carl Robinson; 0pts - Pete Sykes, Derek Williams.