COMMENTATOR Jon Champion said that Cheltenham can get a postive result against Everton because “it’s the FA Cup.”

Champion commentated for ESPN during last week’s encounter between Hereford and Cheltenham at Whaddon Road and he was Edgar Street on Tuesday night to watch the replay.

“You will always say that Cheltenham have a chance,” he said.

“Everyone knows how well Everton are managed and David Moyes and Steve Round were here watching the game in preparation.

“But you don’t have to gig that far back in David Moyes’ CV to see a defeat versus Shrewsbury, so it’s happened before and it will happen again.

“If Cheltenham have a good day and Everton have a bad game, then who knows.

“These things can happen.”

Champion said that Harry Pell again played admirably in midfield for Hereford and Stefan Stam and Luke Graham held things together at the back, but he added that Cheltenham had more of a threat up front, which helped them win the game.

“It was a great shame that Hereford lost Ryan Bowman so early in the game because they didn’t have anyone with great threat or mobility up front,” said Champion.

“I just felt that Cheltenham had players who were more likely to score goals than Hereford.”

Champion added that he was not surprised to see 5,000 fans turn out for the game.

“The FA Cup is a truly magical cup and I think it provides pure unadulterated magic on a regular basis,” he said.

“Hereford has been defined by that memorable day and the FA Cup has provided them with their most famous moment.”