BARTESTREE and Lugwardine’s Jonathan Jackson has carried off a national cricketing honour at Lord’s.

Jonathan was deservedly awarded the NatWest Outstanding Service to Cricket Award (OSCAs) in the Behind The Scenes section.

Jonathan lives next door to Bartestree’s ground and has been the victim of sixes landing in his greenhouse.

“But rather than complain, he happily became drawn into everything that was happening with the club,” said Bartestree spokesman Nigel Shore.

“He also raised many thousands of pounds towards the new cricket nets, by tirelessly applying to dozens of grant-giving charities.

“Most days he can be seen on the field at some time, locking the gate at night, picking up litter, watching the cricket, giving a helping hand, or just having a chat with the children.

“We made Jonathan our second-ever life member to recognise his contribution to the pavilion.”

Jonathan was the winner of the Behind The Scenes award and among 400 specially invited guests from the cricketing world.

He received his award from women’s cricket star Charlotte Edwards and Mark Lane.

Jonathan said: “I’m obviously delighted to have won the award, it was an honour just to have been shortlisted and I enjoyed a memorable day at Lord’s.”

He added: “I met some of my cricketing heroes and swapped stories with the other volunteers whose hard work is helping the grassroots of the game.”