I WOULD like to thank the following people who work at the Hereford County Hospital endoscopy day unit, and for Herefordshire NHS Trust.

My GP who put me on a two-week cancer check; the ENT doctor who performed the initial endoscopy (and his wonderful assistant); the lady who did all of the pre-op form-filling so quickly and accurately; the staff of the day unit reception area; the lady who cleaned under my bed, and made the ward smell so nice; Dr Nichols who ensured that I dozed peacefully throughout the procedure; Mr Warner who operated on me; the ward sister; the lady who made me the nicest cup of tea I have ever had (after my operation); the ward orderlies who did all the little things – and a few others I may have forgotten.

The whole experience was one of great efficiency, but the aspect that really touched me was this: everyone I met gave me the feeling that I was being cared for. I really felt as if I was being ‘looked after’.

In these times of ‘blame culture’ and people who demand rather than appreciate, I would like to say that as far as I am concerned, Herefordshire’s NHS is in very good shape!

I have just looked up the Latin roots of the word ‘hospital’, and it says ‘hospes: a stranger, a friend, a guest’.

Certainly I felt in the company of friends at this hospital, a place where strangers are treated as friends.

DAVID HANCOCK, Bradnor View Close, Kington.