I HAVE a number of complaints about the cycle lane on King Street in Hereford.

1. On one side of the cycle lane is the pavement, on the other side there is car parking.

Frequently, cars pull into these parking spaces, running into the cycle lane while they do so, causing me to swerve.

Additionally, drivers open their door, which opens into the cycle lane, again causing me to swerve.

2. Halfway along this cycle lane, at the junction with Aubrey Street, cars emerging on to King Street consistently pull onto the cycle lane, despite the ‘give-way’ lines. The drivers only look to their left, assuming no traffic will be coming from their right.

As a cyclist using the cycle lane, they have not seen me, and I have to stop to avoid them.

3. Vehicles coming along King Street, and then turning to their right into Aubrey Street pull across the cycle lane.

If large vehicles are parked alongside the cycle lane, cyclists cannot be seen. Cars sweep across the cycle lane, causing me to swerve.

After another near-miss this morning, I now consider this particular cycle lane too dangerous to use.

RICHARD HASTINGS Park Street Hereford