SPOKESMAN Billy Reynolds for current owners Herefordshire Pubs Ltd is being economical with the truth when he says that the Nell Gwynne pub in Hereford is not financially viable (Yet another pub ready to call time, Hereford Times, August 21).

As a regular, I can vouch for it being a well-run, busy traditional town pub, that fills up gradually from around 3pm on a daily basis, mostly with working men on their way home, and later in the evening with a more varied clientele.

I spoke to the current licensee recently and he told me that the pub is now doing better financially than at any time in the last five years.

The true reason for the decision to side with the developers Perfection Homes is that they are offering twice the current market value (as a public house) for the conversion into apartments and offices.

I would urge anyone who uses this pub, or anyone else who deplores the actions of developers in this context, to send their objections to the planning application by September 4. The link is: www.herefordshire.gov.uk/planning-and-building-control/development-control/planning-applications/details?id=142315.

MICHAEL HUGHES Grove Road, Hereford