ONE of the world’s most famous film directors has called upon a Golden Valley gunmaker for help with his latest venture.

John Slough has been busy in his Peterchurch workshop after Peter Jackson , the man behind the Lord of the Rings trilogy and upcoming Hobbit movies, paid him £150,000 for 20 tonnes of weapons.

Oscar-winning Jackson had a specific piece in mind and John spent five years sourcing pieces for the six-inch breech loader – one of only two left in the world.

The main section of the gun, which is 30ft long and 7ft high, was used in the First World War in the Battle of Passchendaele where John’s grandfater was killed - a quirk of history that gave John's task added importance.

John first met the world famous director 10 years ago when Jackson became interested in an item on the 65-year-old’s website. It was the first of many deals and led to John supplying guns for the film King Kong .

John is under strict order to keep quiet about the kind of film the new gun - which will soon be shipped to New Zealand - will feature, but it is well known that Jackson is interested in making a film about the Great War.