A HEADTEACHER is retiring after 20 years at a Hereford primary school and his final day will see him dressed as a gorilla.

John Moynihan is retiring at the end of the term from St Mary's CofE Primary School in Credenhill.

And he will enjoy taking part in the end of year show called The Pirates of the Curry Bean.

Mr Moynihan, 63, said: "I always have a starring role in the end of year production for year six.

"This year the funniest bit is I am ending my career dressed as an enormous gorilla."

When he joined the school as headteacher it was called Credenhill CofE but he changed the name to ensure closer links to the church.

He said: "I cannot put into words how immensely proud I am of this school.

"I have seen the population grow from just under 100 to nearly 200. There are now 193 on the roll."

He said there are a lot of military children at the school, which means numbers change often but that the schoolchildren are very good at welcoming new pupils.

Mr Moynihan said he felt the time was right to retire, and can leave with a Good Ofsted after the school was inspected last year.

He said his favourite memories will be of events involving the children. He said: "I love the residential trips. We have been to London, Malvern, etc. You always see the children in a different light.

"When our children go out on trips we get lots of comments about how well behaved they are."

Mr Moynihan, who lives just off Grandstand Road in Hereford, said he is looking forward to going on holiday with his wife, Linda, outside of the school holidays. He is also looking forward to spending more time with his grandson, Alfie.

Headteacher Bernie Davies from Much Birch CE Primary School will be taking over as executive head and will be dividing her time between Much Birch and Credenhill.

On the last day of term (July 21) from 2pm to 5pm the school is holding an end of term party for Mr Moynihan for anyone who would like to say goodbye and wish him well - all current pupils and parents and also any ex-pupils and ex-parents are invited to come along.