A “PROFOUNDLY” peaceful church in remotest Herefordshire is the venue for a musical duo who seek out special sacred places for their gigs.

For multi-instrumentalists, Eira/Snow, from Monmouth, St Mary’s Church at Craswall is “way up on the mark” for special places.

Proving their point they are returning to the Norman church, set loftily at the head of the Monnow Valley with the Black Mountains a “majestic” back drop, for the second time when they play there on Saturday, June 17, from 7.30pm.

Proceeds from the concert, Music for a Mid-Summer Evening, will go to the church which is in need of urgent repair.

The band’s Lyndon Owen and Caractacus Downes hope to draw an audience from the wider community to support the special cause and will be packing an eclectic mix of instruments – a double bass, four types of saxophone, a Hungarian tarogato, an Armenian douduk, clarinet and an electronic tanpura, to produce their sound; jazz and world-folk “with an improvisational thing.”

The pair combine influences from Celtic to Arabic, with Spanish and European references.

Their acoustic approach is perfect for churches, castles and sacred places - Lyndon has recently returned from playing in some caves in Spain.

St Mary’s ranks among their favourite venues.

“We have built up a history of playing in sacred places. You have a relationship with a place. That’s why people with no religious interests go and sit in churches and on tombs. Craswall is way up on the mark like that.

“It’s a special place. People have said it’s an amazing, peaceful spot. It’s profoundly so. Different from other places.

“There’s also the community thing. How many people live in Craswall and how often is there an event to bind everyone together?

“We’ll all get something from the concert,” said Lyndon.

Tickets are £10 in advance - call 01981 570268. Also available on the door.