PLANS to develop a Hereford nursing home were put on display last week.

Claridge Nursing Homes want to add an additional wing at the vacant Elmhurst site off Venns Lane.

The Hereford Times reported in September 2012 that the firm had been given permission to re-open the building as a 51-bed home providing care for elderly residents with dementia.

The home was closed in 2008 after having been judged no longer suitable for longer term care.

But having been given the thumbs up to re-open it, Richard Claridge, owner of Claridge Nursing Homes, hopes that it can be further developed to cater for 80 residents.

"Our ageing population means that demand for specialised care accommodation for the elderly is set to rise dramatically over the coming years, particularly in the over 85 years age band," said Mr Claridge, who currently operates Hampton Grange and Gwen Walford House in Hereford and Lyonhales Hall in Lyonshall.

"There is already a shortage of care home beds nationally and this is especially true in Herefordshire where the elderly population is above the national average.

"If we are able to develop the site further, as we wish, we will be able to meet the need for long-term residential and nursing care and also provide much needed day care facilities in our county."

The plans were on display last Wednesday at a public consultation event.

Members of Herefordshire Council's planning committee, local councillors and representatives from across health and social care were all on hand to answer any questions that people had.

Architect drawings of the site were also presented.