A ROYAL National College for the Blind (RNC) student has been recognised for his entrepreneurial skills.

Alex Green won the Journey Award for showing the most progress throughout the year in the West Midlands in the Young Enterprise competition.

Alex devised a braille board game called 'Unlucky 7' and is managing director of the iAGames company.

"I felt proud when I heard my name as the winner of the award," said Alex.

"I didn't expect it to open up other doors when I started.

"I just had the idea to adapt a family game that my grandfather taught me.

"I have changed some of the rules, introduced the 'chance' cards and made it accessible for a visually impaired player to play alongside non-visually impaired players."

Alex is utilising his woodwork skills to adapt the physical nature of the game and identifying ways that he can braille wooden pieces to keep accessibility central.

Steve Ramsdale, RNC business and young enterprise link teacher said: "I am very proud of Alex in winning this highly prestigious award.

"I ma pleased his achievements have been recognised by some of the West Midlands' top business people who acted as the judges for the award.

"Alex has overcome a number of extra challenges, but kept himself focused on demanding targets, both for himself and his team."