HEREFORD United's new owner was met with a barrage of questions from angry fans as he turned up for a crunch meeting with the council today over the ground's leases.

Supporters had been due to meet him tonight at a fans' forum.

Hereford United claimed that the forum was cancelled due to an "unavoidable pre-arranged commitment".

But, the club's owner Tommy Agombar admitted that he called off because "everybody would be going crazy."

"Why should I go into a fans' forum?", he asked.

"I don't need that.


"But, if anybody wants to come and see me, they can do."

Agombar, who admitted that he "hasn't got clarity" about what is going to happen to United, said that he has not come to Hereford "to earn a pound note."

"My businesses are in London," said Agombar.

"I could have bought any club near me, but I didn't need to because Hereford is a lovely club.

"I had a three year plan to take us into the league.

"The reason we are not in the Conference is because they wanted £350,000 in their bank account and I refused.

"When I came to the club, they said to me they needed £300,000.

"Since, I have been down here, it is £1.3million."

Agombar claimed that all the adminstrative staff have been paid and David Keyte is no longer involved in the club.

However, he said that the crisis engulfing the Bulls is "not his mess."

"I didn't know about leases - all I did was come come to save the club," said Agombar.

"All money is coming out of the woodwork - I didn't know we owed the council until the fourth week.

"I'm not going to blow my own trumpet because I don't need to, but this club was going to be gone.

"I am not an endless pit - I am not Roman Abramovich."