THE Institute of Advanced Motorists in Herefordshire are bringing their Older Driver Day to Much Birch on July 15, aimed at restoring older drivers' confidence.

Older people in rural counties like Herefordshire tend to rely more on their car for the basics of living - visiting family and friends as well as shopping. It is often the only way they are able to take advantage of Herefordshire's many leisure activities too, but ageing can also cause changes in ability to enjoy driving, such as difficulty negotiating roundabouts, junctions and manoeuvring.

Tina Lawrence, a driver training expert, will lead the day, covering a wide range of topics, such as hazard awareness, speed, observation and how to stay safe on the road. Tina said "Older drivers need their confidence reassured - which is the very aim of this course. There is always plenty of opportunity throughout the day to ask questions and seek advice."

"I learnt a great deal and it was all great fun" was how Shirley Campbell summed the day.

Most people take advantage of a short assessed drive, in their own car, by a qualified Advanced Driving Observer and are given friendly help and advice on their performance. Murray Gwinnett, who attended the Leominster event, said "Tina was exceptional in her knowledge of the road and able to answer any question without hesitation. I believe that the whole audience left with an appreciation of her expertise and lively personality. I also undertook a driving assessment by one of the observers. One of the best £15 I have spent for a long time!"

David Williams, IAM Herefordshire's chairman, sums up the need for refresher days for older drivers by saying "Driving on today's roads should be every bit as enjoyable for the older driver as for anyone else. It's about learning the skill of being in the right position, at the correct speed and choosing the appropriate gear."

Cost is £15 but places are limited. Contact Mary Bevan on 01874 712267 or before July 8.

The final Older Driver Day for 2014 will be in Ross-on-Wye during September.

Institute of Advanced Motorists - Herefordshire is the safe driving charity affiliated to IAM and runs courses at Much Birch and Leominster throughout the year for drivers of all ages, who wish to improve their skills and safety on the road.