AN exhibition opening at The Arts Space at Hereford College of Arts sees renowned illustrators Girls Who Draw showing an array of fabulous beasts and imaginary beings to accompany Mythical Creatures, their fourth limited edition postcard book.

It includes a selection of prints and original artwork from the book, as well as new pieces inspired by the same theme.

Over the last few years, Girls Who Draw has grown from a small group of illustrators to a larger network of contributors.

They collaborate in order to publish a postcard book once a year, and each new book is accompanied by an exhibition.

The exhibition line-up features a range of emerging and established female illustrators from around the UK and different characters from myths, legends and folklore.

Among them are Wood Troll and Firebird screen prints by Ruth Green as well as Gullinbursti and Ratatoskr prints by Kate Hindley.

Original artwork from the postcard book includes Lee May Foster-Wilson’s painting Pegasus and Beth Morrison’s hand drawn and painted Big Foot and Brownie the Helpful Elf.

Mythical Creatures runs weekdays from Wednesday until Thursday, May 28, from 9.30am to 4.30pm.