A HEREFORD artist is heading to one of the world’s most dangerous borders to create a unique installation involving human mirrors and a metaphoric 'ray of hope'.

Along with fellow artist David Martin, Hereford’s Duncan Mckellar, a former Hereford Cathedral pupil, will attempt to create a continuous 1km line of light across the US–Mexico border.

Their project will feature people from both sides of the border who will each wear a mirrored mask to reflect the sun and create the ray of light. Coincidentally, the project will be taking place just a few miles away from Hereford in Arizona.

Mr Mckellar, who is now based in Bristol, said he has always had an interest in optics and had been experimenting with reflections.

He said: “I thought, how could it be best done in a desert environment, and from that we started talking about the Mexican border in America and how it would be quite a poignant time to head over there and create a line of light crossing the US–Mexico border.

“It's been really good fun. We have been into schools here and trialled it with children wearing these mirror masks.

"There are some groups along the border that had done some artwork projects including a volleyball match across the border.

"We started focusing in on this town close to the border and came to be in contact with the people there and by pure chance, a mile down the road is Hereford, Arizona. That's just coincidental but it is a nice coincidence.”

The project will involve 50 Mexicans and 50 Americans – who will not cross the border itself, so no federal laws will be broken – from various backgrounds.

“We want it to be as diverse as possible to reflect the population of the local area. Each will come wearing a mirrored mask and we'll have a photographer flying a drone overhead," said Mr Mckellar, adding that there are some film companies interested.

"It could be something quite symbolic of the tensions over there and of how the people feel about it.

"So there is the artwork which would be this line of light but also the social interest of talking to the people and getting their stories across.

"We're not saying it's anti-Trump or it's political artwork but, within it, that's kind of implied and speaks for itself.

"But creating 1km of light, regardless of the politics, is itself a beautiful thing to do.”

Mr Mckellar is raising funds for the project via Kickstarter. To contribute, visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1606846547/reflect-a-ray-of-hope-on-the-usa-mexico-border