LOCALS were treated to a peculiar sight when a Herefordshire fast-food drive-thru became a fly-thru.

The staff at the McDonald's in Belmont were likely more than a tad surprised when a group of children rode into the drive-thru in the cockpit of an over 50-year-old plane.

Their unorthodox mode of transport did not prove too much hassle for the McDonald’s team, however, and twelve-year-old brothers Monty and Hector Harrison alongside their pal Rocco Wojtanowski managed to get their fast-food fix with no issues.


The section of the plane, an American Piper Cherokee, originally hails from RAF St Athan in South Wales but it made its way to the county after the brothers’ father, James Harrison, bought it off of the Facebook marketplace.

Mr Harrison apologised for any inconvenience caused by the drive-thru trip and said that the fuselage is now on sale at Warehouse 701 in Rotherwas, suggesting that it could be restored as a plane, converted into a bar, displayed on a wall or even turned into a quirky outdoor sleeping pod.