HEREFORD Highways has issued an update on the road closures in the city due to flooding.

The A4103 roundabout at the bottom of Aylestone Hill was closed in the early hours of January 4 due to heavy flooding, with a number of cars becoming stuck after being waterlogged.


Amongst the vehicles that had to be abandoned was a bus, which appears to have attempted to navigate along the heavily flooded Sutton St Nicholas road to the roundabout before stopping in its tracks, leaving two people in need of rescue.

A police cordon was put in place around the roundabout but was ignored by a number of drivers who chose to drive under, and eventually through, police tape despite signs indicating that the road was closed.

A Herford Highways spokesperson has announced that the roundabout is now open, however the Sutton St Nicholas road continues to be closed and heavily flooded.

They added that the B4399 Holme Lacy Causeway, the Outfall Works Road in Hereford and the B4362 Combe Corner, between Shobdon and Presteigne, have all been reopened as well.