A HEREFORD flower bed is failing to charm locals, with one claiming it looks like a 'giant bin'.

The bed, which sits in St. Peter’s Street near the Black and White House has been lambasted for its perceived barren and unattractive appearance, with only a few shrubs visible with little else on display.

Many have taken to social media to express their disapproval. 

Georgina Lambourne said: “Such a shame seeing what the flowerbed outside the old post office has turned into.

“I remember it was always full of such pretty flowers, now it just looks like a giant bin.”

Andrew Thomas saw the flower bed as indicative of wider problems in the city, saying: “The council used to grow its own plants, but sold the land to build the Rose Gardens in Ledbury Road.

“The brains at the council bought those stupid tree planters; a good number are now dumped at Rotherwas; and the even dafter moss filters.

“Hereford was awash with plants and flowers years ago, they need to turn the clock back and see where they went wrong.”

Not all were so critical, however, and pointed out that the winter months would naturally deprive the flower bed of much of its more prominent foliage.

"Doesn't look unattractive to me, in fact the opposite with the autumn leaf fall," said Brian Johnson.

Patricia Jones said: “Paul Hodges and the team work tirelessly in the Spring and Summer months and do a brilliant job, let’s just hope these flowerbeds will be blooming in Summer.”