POLICE were called after children were seen climbing a Hereford bridge, just a few feet away from the potentially deadly floodwaters.

Emergency services rushed to action after a member of the public spotted a group of youngsters scaling the Victoria Bridge.

The youths were seen on the wrong side of the structure, dangerously close to the fast-moving waters of the river which had risen drastically as a result of heavy rainfall.

The police rescued the children and gave them an education about the danger of the river and its fast-moving water.


They were taken home and have been referred to attend a free online safety course presented by West Mercia Search and Rescue.

A spokesperson for the West Mercia Police said: "This free short course is designed to highlight the risks of water and basic rescue techniques.

"The course is open to anyone, and we strongly recommend parents continue to educate children on being safe around water, especially during this time of severe flooding."