Over the years many people from near and far have found their home in Hereford, Kishore Krishnan Sharma took to the We Grew Up in Hereford group to share his story as a member of one of the first Indian families to live in the city.

Mr Sharma came to Hereford in 1968 accompanied by his mother and father when he was only three years old.

He lived in a house on Portfield Street and attended Whitecross Nursery whilst his father worked as an engineer and his mother worked in Bulmers.


"I particularly remember is the kindness of the local people who were totally accepting of us, a family of three who had come from India,” he said.

“I recall one amusing occasion when I refused to move when a car came while we were playing in the middle of the road. I knew that I had done wrong and hid behind the sofa when the driver, an elderly gentleman, came home and told my mother what had happened.

“A few days later, when Mum was taking me to the nursery, I remember recoiling in fear when I saw the same man. To my pleasant surprise, he gave me a warm smile and waved at me.

“There was also an occasion I recall when we kids rushed outside to see lots of people parachuting from the sky - I can now speculate that it was likely an SAS exercise that we viewed.

Hereford Times: The Sharmas found themselves at home in the city.The Sharmas found themselves at home in the city. (Image: Kishore Krishnan Sharma)

“I attended Whitecross nursery where I remember receiving my first ever Christmas present, a shiny toy car.

“It was such a lovely and gentle place, which was a far cry from the rougher institutions that I attended when we lived in London.

“I still remember the day we left Hereford for London due to my father moving jobs. Despite my young age, I have some heart-warming memories of Hereford.

“I visited again just twice and very briefly in 1974 and 1985.

“I will always remember the short but lovely time that I spent in Hereford.

“My parents always spoke with fondness about our time there and I carry those memories with me.”