THE ‘EMBARRASSING’ state of a public Christmas tree has caused outrage in a Herefordshire town.

Locals have taken to social media to express their unhappiness after noticing that a tree which stands prominently in Leominster’s Corn Square has only one bauble hanging from its branches.

‘It is embarrassing,’ commented Jason Hardman on Facebook.

Julijana Zappa chimed in, saying: ‘That is the saddest tree I've seen this year.’


Upon being erected the tree had no decorations at all other than a string of multi-coloured fairy lights.

Annie MacDougall said that she took it upon herself to hang a pair of baubles on the branches, hoping that others would follow suit. Unfortunately, her mission has so far been unsuccessful, with one of the baubles disappearing within a day of being placed, leaving the other to hang unaccompanied.

Locals have suggested that schools, community groups, clubs and businesses should follow Ms MacDougall’s example and take it upon themselves to add decorations to the tree, but some remain sceptical and believe that any trinkets would quickly be stolen.