A HEREFORDSHIRE dog field is welcoming XL bullies within its grounds.

Bromyard Dog Field aims to provide a safe space where XL bullies can be allowed to roam without a lead or a muzzle by allowing owners of the controversial breed to hire out their premises as long as they adhere to their regulations.

XL bullies will only be allowed in the securely fenced field if they are kept on a lead and in a muzzle when entering and exiting.

The dog must also be registered with the index of exempted dogs, have a public liability insurance certificate, be neutered, microchipped and accompanied one-to-one by its handler at all times.


XL bullies are allowed to be in the field accompanied by dogs from the same household, however, it must have its own individual handler while another member of the same household supervises the other dogs.

People have taken to social media to praise this move by the business, with Antonia-Jessie Kennison commenting: “Thank you so much.

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“Coming to your field is the best. Teddybear loves coming here. We had held back as we were unsure.

“I just can't wait to see my 47kg puppy frolicking in the field again.

“Anyone who sees me out with him please come over and say hi to him as he is becoming unsocialised. The law is making him uneasy.

“My poor huge Teddybear. All he wants is love.”