REPEATED dog attacks are claimed to have taken place in a popular Herefordshire park.

Locals have reportedly experienced a number of issues regarding the behaviour of dogs on the Grange in Leominster, minutes from a recent meeting of Leominster Town Council revealed.

A member of the public who attended the meeting claimed that their dog had been attacked on five separate occasions by both stray dogs and pets that were not on leads.


A police Safer Neighbourhood Team representative advised at the meeting that locals should alert the police if any dogs that are out of control or dangerous are spotted. They added that lost and stray dogs should be reported to Herefordshire Council, who can keep the dog in a holding kennel until it is either passed on to a re-homing facility or collected by its owner.

It was noted by the council that there are currently no by-laws in place that require dogs to be kept on leads at all times and that if any potential new by-law were to be put in place it would need to be considered and introduced by Herefordshire Council.