IN reply to letter sent in by Mark Wheeler (Celebrate hunt, December 29) l say fox hunting should be banned and not celebrated.

It is barbaric, old-fashioned, out-dated and enjoyed by a privileged few, and to put people, horses and foxes in order as he did is pathetic and ridiculous.


He says pet owners don’t care for their animals, but I as a country born and bred person know these so-called caring huntsmen and women are also in the main the ones who shoot stunning birds of prey and poison anything that interferes with their so-called beloved shooting and blood sports.


Who are we to judge our precious wildlife when it was here before man?

Everything has a right to be left alone and live their life for as long as they can. Ban hunting now, including so-called drag hunting which is just an excuse for the real thing. Nature is stunning. All of it is. Let’s keep it that way.



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