HEREFORDSHIRE Council seems to be devoid of any practical ideas when it comes to improving the traffic situation in the city.

So here are a few things for them to consider. There are many things that can be done to improve the situation.

A bypass must be a priority to get through traffic away from the city and allow people to enter the city in the area they require to access.


There are so many sets of traffic lights which severely restricts free traffic flow. Does the council have shares in a traffic light company? The introduction of roundabouts without traffic light controls would facilitate a much better flow of traffic on high-volume roads. Look at Milton Keynes, for example.

Rather than wasting vast amounts of money on pointless schemes such as St Owen Street and Broad Street, fix the basics.


The state of the pavements is appalling. Commercial Road is difficult to walk down if you are able-bodied, impossible on crutches or a wheelchair.

Introduce a park and ride on the outskirts of the city on all major roads. Then use electric buses to transport people into the city.

Reduce parking costs generally and more so for electric and hybrid vehicles. Implement the above and we would improve the situation considerably.



What are your thoughts?

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