DO these people not live in Hereford (re the masterplan for Hereford)?

First off, they go on about the old Hereford to Abergavenny line. This has been used as a walkway/cycle route for many years. There has also in the past talk about making it a tram line.

Once again, just talk and no action. As for the main contention in this article about turning car parks into green areas or building plots.


Don’t these people realise that this city needs its car parks?

All the major shops, ie the big grocery stores and shops such as Currys and Halfords, to name a couple, are within the city boundary. Everyone has to drive into or across the city to get to them. The general public cannot be expected to do a big shop and then carry it to a bus to get it home if the bus does get anywhere near their homes.

Just look around now and see the empty shops. If people have nowhere to park, they will go elsewhere. This council of ours would have even less money with no income from business rates and car parking charges to spend on such stupid ideas.


Go to the Steam Shopping outlet at Swindon. Five hours parking costs £1. This is how to get people in.

Admittedly, that shopping outlet is not in the town centre.

Get the present sorted or there will be no future for our city.



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