THIS is still a filthy city, have you noticed?

Despite the rising cost of living, people still seem able to buy stuff they really don’t need and throw away the packaging without a thought.

This minority are one of the four types of people in this still-filthy city.


These are those who throw stuff from their cars or as they walk, ignoring the many bins, care nothing whatever for their city.

Second, there are those, the majority, who don’t drop litter but seem to ignore the mess, don’t seem to mind at all about the littered streets.

Third, there are the few who appreciate the effort of people like me who pick up the litter, full sacks of it, those purple bags you sometimes see.


Those who offer their thanks but still don’t pick it up when they find litter.

And finally there are the few, like me and others, who strive to make this a tidy city. We need more people like this! Come on, where are you?



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