YET more fantasy green lunacy proposals that will put another deathly nail in the coffin of Hereford city centre.

This ludicrous pursuit of turning every citizen into a cyclist is utterly bereft of intelligence.

Literally everyone who uses the shops and facilities on Broad Street parks up, pays at the machine, pops into their desired establishment and drives off within an hour or two.

There is not enough parking in the tiny neighbouring car parks on Bewell Street, for example. So people will simply go elsewhere or not bother.


What planet do these people live on to think we’re all suddenly going to spend two hours cycling and walking to Broad Street for a task that lasts a few minutes? The only people who do this are the ones who live within spitting distance of the city centre, otherwise they/ we drive in, do our business and either go back home or drive onto somewhere else because we use Broad Street en route.

I sat in the city centre a few weeks ago waiting for a friend and within a two-hour period counted one single cyclist. One!

So don’t try to tell me we’ve a desperate need for more cyclefriendly cityscapes because it’s clear we do not.

Whoever is suggesting this pseudo-environmental poppycock needs to get real and understand how little time most people actually have on their hands without making them complete two thirds of a triathlon to enter the city for a few basic tasks.

Such policies will destroy Hereford forever and it’s about time this ineffectual and naive council woke up and faced the reality of the disaster they’ll cause if they pursue this faux-Utopian nonsense.


It may interest your readers to know that scientists continue to flock to sign the World Climate Declaration that says there is no climate emergency. Over 200 people have signed the World Climate Declaration (WCD) over the last few weeks, including 20 university professors.

Over 300 scientists and professionals have signed the WCD since August 18. The total signatories, led by the Norwegian physics Nobel Prize winner Professor Ivar Giaever, now number more than 1,400.

These academics have absolutely no vested interest in being “climate deniers“, as they are so pejorative termed by the ever-oppressive eco-loons trying to curtail all our freedoms. In fact they have both their careers and funding sources to lose by standing up to the “green blob” pervading all our lives.

Whatever anybody says, the science is most certainly not “settled” and the truth is gradually being revealed, with these eminent scientists refusing to be censored any longer by the over-emotional and hysterical eco-zealots whose arguments are overall vastly hyped-up and interminably flimsy.

It’s time we stood up to the anticar, anti-freedom brigade and exposed their ridiculous policies and proposals to the most intense level of scrutiny and rigour, just as they deserve.


Harewood End, near Ross-on-Wye

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