DEVELOPMENT plans are promising major changes for Hereford city centre streets.

A consultation has been launched on proposed improvements to the streets and public spaces in Hereford's historic Cathedral and river Wye quarter.

Changes are being proposed for the layout and use of the streets and public spaces in the historic core of Hereford, around the cathedral and the river Wye area - Broad Street, King Street and Bridge Street, and surrounding areas.

The improvements aim to create an attractive, vibrant city centre to help support existing businesses and encourage people to stay longer when they visit, which could help boost the local economy, Herefordshire Council said.

Hereford Times: This is a drawing of the plans for Hereford city centre. Picture: Herefordshire CouncilThis is a drawing of the plans for Hereford city centre. Picture: Herefordshire Council (Image: Herefordshire Council)


The proposals give more space for pedestrians and cyclists, with a new layout and design that gives motor vehicles reduced priority.

There are areas for small events, activities, and street dining with lots of attractive seating and planting.

The unique character and history of the area is a key consideration in the designs, along with making the area safe and enjoyable for all users, said a spokesperson for Herefordshire Council.

Councillor John Harrington, cabinet member infrastructure and transport, said: "It's important that we continue to invest in our beautiful and historic city so that everyone who visits or works there has the best possible experience and enjoys spending time there.

"We've been speaking with main stakeholders in the area to consider what improvements can be made in the cathedral and river Wye Quarter of the city.


"We want this area to be a vibrant, active place where people want to spend time and where businesses want to be based.

"This area is unique in its heritage and feel, so it's vital we listen to the local business community and residents to identify the measures that would work best to enhance this area."

The cost of the design proposals is being met through the Hereford City Centre Improvement programme, which is jointly funded by Herefordshire Council and Marches LEP.

Once the final designs are agreed the funding for the plan, such as from grants, will then be sought.

To find out more about the proposals and to give your views, visit

You can visit Hereford Library to view a map of the proposals and complete a questionnaire.

The consultation closes on November 8.