I AM writing this letter with great concerns that somebody is going to get seriously hurt or a fatal accident will happen on the A4137 at the Old Dry Arch at Marstow.

There are regular accidents happening all the while.

The problem being that two vehicles cannot pass each other on this stretch of a very busy A road.

At times I have counted, when very busy, up to 35 vehicles a minute.


A lorry will stop to let another lorry come down the hill, this forms a queue behind him, and vehicles come from Hereford way at great speed down the hill and come to stationary traffic and then do not have enough time or space to stop.

This then causes an accident. Myself and my neighbours take life into our own hands trying to get out of our drives, as cars will not slow down for you; they just keep going to get round you.


I am in touch with the local councillor and our local MP to see if any thing can be done to improve this situation before some thing serious happens.



Marstow,  nr Ross-on-Wye



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