I NOTE the government has awarded Hereford a sum of money (£22 million for the 15 Stronger Towns projects).

Well, all I can say is don’t let Councillor (John) Harrington (cabinet member for infrastructure and transport) get hold of it for his cycle paths.

They (cyclists) are happy riding on the footpaths already.


I could think of a hundred and one places in Hereford where it could be spent. Put it together with the £14 million he wrote off and that would go a good way towards a new bridge and a bypass.

Putting cycle lanes in is not going to reduce the emissions in the city, or by moving the library.

This party just wastes money.


When Herefordshire Council purchases Bulmers’ office in Plough Lane it was going to be the answer to everything. Blue School Street: there was millions spent on that building. I was in there the other day to see only four people working in there.

There are offices dotted all over Hereford with just a small number of people at work inside.

There is lighting, heating etc. Who is paying for that? The ratepayer.

All I can say to the public voting next time, think hard. Coun Harrington says he is in charge of transport in Hereford.

What a joke.



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